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Newsletter - September 2011

September's Newsletter is about congratulating players. First of all there was 'dingaling' who after months of battling it out with everyone else came out the big winner in our Mamma Mia competition winning a dream holiday. Then there was 'franjo' who won the Bingo Bounty Progressive Jackpot of £4,460.71.

So after a month of big winners and competition winners in August, we hope to keep that winning streak going and make you the next big winner. So check out all of big games below in Party Hall 90 to see how you can be our next Bingo Jackpot winner.

Mamma Mia Winner

Mamma Mia Promotion

After months of hard playing the Mamma Mia competition reached its exciting conclusion with 'dingaling' claiming bragging rights and the dream holiday on the Greek Island of Skiathos.

We would like to extend our biggest congratulations to 'dingaling' on this triumph and hope the holiday exceeds all expectations. Look out for our next big promotion coming up soon!!

Full House 50

Full House 50 We're calling all you Full House Fanatics out there. If you can get your full house in 50 calls or less we'll give you the Full House Jackpot of £200.

Even if you miss the jackpot you'll still be in line to claim a prize pot starting at £10 and all this for only 10 pence cards.

Play Full House 50 in the Party 90 Hall every day at 8:45pm and 9:45pm GMT.

Extreme 25

Extreme 25 This is as extreme a bingo game as you will find!! By playing Extreme 25 in Party 90 you will be playing to turn a paltry 5 pence card in to an extreme prize pot of £25 and a chance to win the Party 90 Progressive Jackpot.

Play Extreme 25 daily between 7pm and 11 pm GMT and also claim 5 Free Cards when you purchase 10. Going to be away and don't want to miss your favourite games and the chance to win big? Well now you don't have to. Simply book your tickets and they will play automatically in your absence and bank your winnings automatically.

£5 Free Game

Free Games We know that giving away anything free makes for a happy player. So we have Free Games playing throughout the day, everyday in Party 90.

These FREE GAMES award all players 6 cards absolutely free but will award the winner with a £5 Prize and even a £200 Full House Jackpot!

So what are you waiting for, sign up, sign in and win. It's as simple as that.

350% First Deposit Bonus

350% First Deposit Bonus

Have you made your first deposit yet? If not then are you in for a treat!! Our First Deposit Bonus is a massive 350%. If you have already made your first deposit then why not recommend us to a friend or family member.

Not only will they be able to take advantage of the 350% First Deposit Bonus but we will also give you 50% of their first deposit too. It's a win win situation for you both.

75% Reload Bonus

75% Reload Bonus
We are giving every player, for every deposit they make a 75% Reload Bonus. Simply make a deposit of £10 or above and you will be rewarded every single time with a 75% Bonus.

And with all our other bonuses this month you will have plenty of free money to win any one of our Progressive Jackpots.

August Winners

A special congratulation goes out to our many lucky winners this past month. Here is a summary just some of the big winners:

Big Winners Smokylady01 won £822.98 playing Coins Of Rome on August 26th!

janey23uk won £640.96 playing Pull Tab Waterworld on August 19th!

Lucky Lucky Me won £550.95 playing Safe Jackpot on August 11th!

jdenyce won £465.59 playing Break The Safe on August 10th!

candycaine won the 3 in 1 Blackout Jackpot of £435.77 on August 6th!

taracreba won £564.18 playing Lotto Bonus Game on August 6th!

rubio01 won £595.05 playing Mega Wheels on August 5th!

franjo won the Bingo Bounty Progressive Jackpot of £4,460.71 on August 1st!

You could be the next lucky winner, but remember you have to be in it to win it. So buy your cards today and be our next Progressive Jackpot winner.

Monthly Tournament Winners - August

Top Bingo Players by Bingo Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. laposs 100
2. 1tgFrustration 90
3. miss pole 80
4. nessa57 70
5. jackie500 60
6. gina24 50
7. gailf4rce1 40
8. bettiezoop 30
9. rosieann 20
10. rubrub  10

Top Slots Players by Slot Money Wagered

No Nicknames BB's
1. jdenyce 100
2. dingaling 90
3. firestorm2 80
4. ritzyandre 70
5. rubrub 60
6. jackie500 50
7. gelout's girl 40
8. mooch_bm 30
9. gypsiegirl 20
10. shazer2winloads  10

First Deposit Bonus
All other deposits receive:

75% Reload Bonus

For all future deposits over £10 you will receive a 75% Reload Bonus on every deposit you make.

Remember, there's a minimum deposit of £10 to receive any bonus!!


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