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Welcome to Bingo Plex. This Help section explains all features of Bingo Plex including DEPOSITING AND WITHDRAWING and gives you some hints about playing. Many of the questions that you might have are answered here; be sure to check the Help section before contacting customer support.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for Bingo Plex before starting to play. Some jurisdictions don't permit online play.

How To Register

If you are new to Bingo Plex, follow these steps.

1. Click 'Join Now' link at the top of this page to navigate to the player registration form.

2. Enter your name and complete address.  This information is private and will not be shared outside the company. This information must be accurate in order for you to receive any payments. Type your nickname and password. You can choose any nickname and password that you would like to use.  If that nickname is already used, you must choose a different name. This name and password is for your protection and you should not tell anyone unless you want them to use your game credits.

3. Click 'OK' when ready. You are now logged in to your account and can access the Members Area.

4. Click the 'Deposit' button. Your browser jumps to a secure web page with all the funding options currently available to purchase game credits. Requesting credits can take several minutes so please be patient.

5. Click on 'Lobby' to return to the Member Area where you will find the Bingo Halls with games currently in session, as well as all of the Slots, Casino and Instant games we offer.

6. Click on the Bingo Hall you wish to enter (a new window will open). When the current game finishes press the 'Buy Cards' button, select the number of cards to play and click 'OK'. The screen will show the pattern, cost of buying cards, and other information. The credits will automatically be deducted from your account before each game. If you get a Bingo, the credits will automatically be added to your account before the next game.

Good Luck!

Bingo Plex Account

All Bingo Plex players must register before they can begin playing. In order to register, click on the 'Join Now' button located on the home page. This brings you to the Player Details page. Here you must create a unique nickname and a password. This is needed to verify your identity when you collect your winnings.

You must use your real name and accurate contact information in the fields on this screen. Please note that most of the fields are mandatory. You must enter all necessary data to save the account. Please enter your e-mail address in the format name@server.domain. This information will not be used for any purpose other than verification of prize awards and it is strictly confidential. We will NEVER share your information.

Nickname and Password

For security purposes, the nickname will be displayed but your password is not shown.

When you are creating a new account, type your nickname and password in fields provided, and then type the password a second time in the 'Retype Password' box (the password is displayed as asterisks). Your nickname and password cannot be blank or special characters. The nickname must be unique. Bingo Plex does not allow two players to have the same nickname. If the nickname you have selected has been registered by another player, the program will prompt you to select another nickname. Since the database of players is large, and is constantly expanding, you may have to try several times before you find a unique nickname.

Password Advice

• Passwords must be different to your player name, surname or username.

• Passwords must be at least six characters long and must include either a capital letter, or a number, or a punctuation mark.

• Passwords should not be written down to avoid someone else taking over your account.

• Passwords should not be obvious.

• If you forget your password, simply click the 'Forgot Password?' button at the login screen and you will be able to request a new password automatically.

When you are editing your account, you can change your nickname and password or if you are concerned that someone might be using your account, you can change your nickname and/or password with this option.

To change the nickname, simply retype it in the box.

To change the password:
1. Select Change Password.
2. Type your old password in the 'Password' box.
3. Type the new one in the 'New Password' box.
4. Type the new password in the 'Retype Password' box.
5. Click 'OK'.
You can change your account information whenever you need to. Typing your password is needed only when changing the old password with a new one.

How to Play

Playing Bingo Plex is very easy.

1. Log into your account by entering your nickname and password in the dialogue boxes found on the Bingo Plex home page.

2. From the Lobby page of the Member Area, click on the Bingo Hall you wish to enter (a new window will open). The credits will automatically be deducted from your account before each game.  If you get a Bingo, the credits will automatically be added to your account before the next game. First time players must register as a new player.

3. When the current game finishes press the 'Buy Cards' button, select the number of cards to play and click 'OK’.  The screen will show the pattern, cost of buying cards, and other information.  While waiting, you can review the ads, modify your account and credit data, or change the game options. When the game finishes you will see your selected Bingo cards on the game window, and the buttons 'Play' and 'Pass' become available.

4. To set the game to play automatically, click the 'AUTO OFF' button located to the left of the 'Buy Cards' button. A dialogue box will open with Auto Bingo and Auto Daub selected by default. Tick off the 'AUTO BUY' option and select the number of cards you wish to play next to the corresponding card value using the up and down arrows provided. Card values not listed can be added using the 'ADD' button. Set the remaining options available, as desired, and click 'APPLY' to activate.

5. Use the 'Option' Button, to select dauber shape and color, and to select which sounds to include with volume level controls.

6. Between games you may change all of your cards by clicking the 'Replace Cards' button in lower right hand corner of screen. You may change some but not all cards by clicking on the individual cards you wish to replace, and then clicking the 'Replace Cards' button.

7. The game will automatically track your cards for you and will always display your best card first.  As your cards get close to obtaining the specified pattern for the game, the border will change color until you or some other player gets a Bingo, which the system will register automatically.

Aborted and Miscarried Games

Multi Player Games

If there is a malfunction of any of the games all bets and wins will become void and the original bet will be returned to the player account.

If the Bingo Server connection is dropped the game will continue after reconnecting. If the player's connection is dropped the game will continue in the player's absence, with any winnings automatically being credited to the player account upon completion of the game as normal.

Simgle Player Games

If there is a malfunction of any of the games all bets and wins will become void and the original bet will be returned to the player account.

If the Bingo Server connection is dropped the game will continue after reconnecting. If the player's connection is dropped the game will be frozen and the player can continue from the same point once they are reconnected.

Auto Play/Scheduling

Auto Play

You can set your game to play bingo automatically using the 'auto play' option, or schedule games up to a week in advance with no need to log in to your account using 'Schedule'.

To use Auto Play you must remain logged in to your account with the Bingo Hall window open.

1. Click the 'Auto Off' button to the left of the 'Buy Cards' button, directly above the cards, the Auto Play window will open.

2. Auto Bingo and Auto Daub are checked off by default. Check off 'Auto Buy' as well.

3. Select the number of cards to play next to the card value(s) desired.

4. If the desired card value is not present, simply click 'ADD' to add the value to the list.

5. Select remaining options available, if desired, and then click 'APPLY' at bottom.

6. The game will auto play for as long as you have set it for, or as long as you remain connected to game server. Any interruption in your connection will terminate the auto play function and will require resetting it.

Scheduling games is possible in order to book games days in advance or as an alternative to the auto play feature. Using the schedule feature will ensure you are in the games you wish to play, whether logged into the server or not. An interruption in your connection will not affect scheduled games.

1. Click the 'Schedule' button to the left of the 'Buy Cards' button or select 'Schedule' from menu on Lobby page.

2. The Schedule will open in your browser window.

3. Select the desired day of the games you wish to book using the calendar.

4. Games available for scheduling are indicated by a 'BOOK' button, click on the desired button to select the game you wish to book.

5. Select all games or desired number of games to book, enter number of cards next to 'Cards count' (remember 3 card minimum).

6. Click 'Book Now'.


  • A new game begins every 3 to 5 minutes.

  • A new ball is called every 7 to 10 seconds. The speed with which Bingo Plex draws the balls is constant; however you may experience intermittent delays due to your internet connection.

  • You select the number of cards to play using the 'Buy Cards' button.

  • The system will automatically register a valid bingo for you. If your connection to the game is interrupted, the system will continue to monitor your cards and register a valid bingo win should you get it.

  • Each game has its own pattern for the bingo. Only the pattern shown in the top area of the playing window for each game will be a valid bingo.

  • It is possible to have multiple cards with a bingo. In the case of multiple winners, each card with bingo is awarded a share of the prize.

  • Only ONE account allowed per person. Creating multiple accounts could result in all accounts being disabled.

Modes Of Play

The cards are ordered vertically in sets of threes. Arrows allow you to scroll up and down to look at or change the cards.

When the game begins, Bingo Plex automatically follows the balls for you and marks the drawn numbers in the cells of your cards; you cannot mark or clear numbers on the cards. The program automatically organizes your cards after every next ball is called. The card that is closest to winning bingo is placed on the first position of the first row. The second-closest card is on the second position, and so on. Use the numbers of the cards and the 'Cards' area to the right to track the changes.

Bingo Plex also tells you when you have bingo. The border of the winning card becomes red. The system will automatically register your bingo for you.

The number of cards with which you play is set using the 'Buy Card' button. To change the default value of the number of cards to play, change the amount of cards within the Auto Play feature corresponding to the card value desired.

The Bingo Plex playing window is divided into several areas. Each area displays certain information about the game or provides access to other features.

Bingo Pattern

Bingo Pattern

The area in the top right section of the playing window displays the pattern for the current game. The bingo pattern displays the winning combination of boxes that you need to mark on one or more of your cards in order to have a bingo and win the prize. Patterns change from game to game - two successive games may or may not have the same pattern. The pattern shown during a game is valid only for that game. Bingo Plex uses two types of patterns: static and moving.

STATIC. In the static pattern, the configuration of filled boxes does not change within a game. You must mark a winning card with exactly this pattern. There is only one combination that works.

MOVING. A moving pattern is one whose configuration changes more than once within a single game. Marking any of the appearing configurations qualifies a winning card. For example, if the moving pattern is a horizontal line, you can claim bingo when you have any of the rows, in any of the cards.

Balls in Play

Balls in Play

The area to the left of the bingo pattern shows all bingo balls that are in play in the game on the number board; that is, all the numbers drawn so far. When a number is called, it will blink on the number board and continue to blink until the next number is called. Every ball, when called, appears first in the Current Ball area and in the list of the 'Last Balls Called'.

The 75 Ball Bingo number board area has five rows, and each row is headed by a letter from the word BINGO. The numbers show up in the rows as follows:

B - 1 to 15
I - 16 to 30
N - 31 to 45
G - 46 to 60
O - 61 to 75

Current Game Prize

The game screen displays the value for both the prize and the jackpot for the current game. The prize for each game is either set or has a minimum value. For games with a minimum prize, for any amount it should go over the minimum, the prize is calculated based on the number of cards registered for the game; the more people playing, the larger the prize tends to be. The jackpot usually increases gradually with every game until someone wins it; then the jackpot is restarted at a minimum value. The prize and the jackpot shown here are valid only for the current game

Game Info

Game InfoGame Info

The upper right area, the 'Balls in Play', and the 'Last Balls' area show statistical information about the current game. The Game Info area has the following elements.

  • 'Total Cards' shows the number of cards registered for the game..
  • 'Card Price' displays the price of one card.
  • 'Total Price' is the total value that you paid for the cards you are playing in the current game. This amount is equal to the card price multiplied by the number of cards registered for the game.
  • 'Players' displays the number of all players signed up for the current game.
  • 'Jackpot' displays the current jackpot offered on that game.
  • 'Balls to JP' shows the number of balls remaining to winning the jackpot. The number gets smaller as every next ball is called. No one can win the jackpot in the current game when the number becomes zero.
  • 'Prize' displays the current prize for the game in play.
  • 'Balls' displays the number of balls that have been called. The number gets larger with every ball called.


The game screen displays your credits in the currency you selected upon registration. The Credits are one and the same for both Bingo Plex and Bingo Plex Slot. With the beginning of every new game, your credits are reduced by the price of the game. When you win a bingo, your credits are increased by the amount you have won. If the number of your credits is smaller than the price of an upcoming game, for instance, you have $2.50, and the game price is $3.00, you will not be allowed to play.  To add more credits, go to the credits page, by clicking the 'Cashier' button, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Last Balls

Last Balls The board appears in the center of the playing window and to the left of that, the last five drawn numbers are shown in the order in which they were called.

Every ball shows two things:

1. The number that is drawn and
2. The column to which that number belongs.

The 5 most recent balls drawn are shown to the left of the board. When the game begins and the first ball is drawn it appears.. A second ball is drawn and takes the place of the number drawn before that, which is moved 1 space over to the right. This applies to the first five balls. Every newly drawn ball takes the position of the ball preceding it. When all five positions are taken, as a new ball is drawn, the first position is taken by the ball on the second position, and the first ball disappears. In the example here, five balls were drawn in the order: 69 - 58 - 46 - 52 - 7. The Last Balls area is empty between two games.

Your Cards

Your CardsWhen you log in during a game, the 'Cards' area displays the message 'Game in Progress'. It means that you have to wait until that game is over before you can start playing.

Your cards for the game appear on the game screen. The cards are shown before the game begins so that you can change them if you like and register them for the game. All cards are generated randomly by the server. Each player receives a number of new cards every time they log on any client in Bingo Plex. The cards stay the same for all games that follow unless the player decides to change them. Cards can be changed all at once or individually. To replace individual cards select the card(s) and click 'Replace Cards'.

The number of cards for the game is defined by the player and varies from 3 to 100. It is preset on the Bingo Plex 'Options' dialog box and remains the same from game to game. You can change the number of cards before every game.

When playing with more cards than can be displayed on a single line, navigation arrows appear in the right end of the area. Use these arrows to scroll up and down to see all your cards. Our bingo card has three distinctive features: card number, numbered cells, and border. The card number identifies the bingo card uniquely. The card numbers help you distinguish among the cards in play and track the progress of every individual card.

Card numbers are especially useful when you play multiple cards in which the cards constantly change their positions.

In 75 Ball Bingo each card has five columns of five numbers each. The columns are headed by the letters from the word BINGO. Every column may contain only numbers from a limited set.

The 'B' column, from 1 to 15;
the 'I' column, from 16 to 30;
the 'N' column, from 31 to 45;
the 'G' column, from 46 to 60;
and the 'O' column, from 61 to 75.

The center most cell of the card is labeled 'Free'; that is, it is given to you and can be used to claim bingo.

The border of the card is an indicator of how close you are to claiming bingo for that card. The color of the border displays the number of balls remaining to bingo. The possible colors are four:

  • Purple. You can win bingo in three balls'
  • Green. You can win bingo in two balls.
  • Yellow. You are very close, just one more ball.
  • Red. You have bingo.

The border becomes red when you have bingo and all you have to do is click the 'Bingo' button. Remember, you must press the 'Bingo' button to claim your prize. Clicking this button without a valid bingo can invalidate your play.

Alternate Cards View

Alternate Cards View
The default card view shown is set for 3 cards. Just above the cards on the left are the 'Alternate Cards View' buttons. Here you may select either 12 cards or 24 cards to view at a time.


In the area of the screen below and above your cards, you will find several buttons that give you access to various features. These buttons and their functions are explained below.

    Opens the Bingo Plex cashier page in your browser. Click this button to add credits before playing, or to add credits if you have used them up while playing.
    Click this button to purchase the cards for the next game. Be sure to click the 'Play' button several seconds before the announced start of the game. This gives the server enough time to accept your cards and include you in the game.
  • PASS.
    If you have pressed the 'Play' button but change your mind and decided not to take part in a game, click the 'Pass' button. When you click the button, the cards are not played and no credits will be taken from your account. You will not be in that game, and you won't play. If you click the button too late, however, there might not be enough time for the server to remove your cards from the game. This button becomes available for clicking only when you have pressed the 'Play' button.
    Note: The buttons 'BUY CARDS' and 'PASS' are not active when the game is in progress other than selected games where late buy-ins are available.
    Found between games, this button replaces all of your cards or the cards which you select individually to be replaced.
    Allows you to select another dauber or turn some of the sounds on or off.
  • LOBBY.
    Opens the Bingo Plex Member Page to the Lobby.
  • HALLS.
    Shows the Bingo Halls available with games currently in session. Just click on one of the halls to open in new window.
  • EXIT.
    When you have won enough money, click this button to exit the Bingo Plex client.
    Note: If you click this button while a game is running, you will exit the game and lose your cards. You will also lose the credits paid for the cards.  No refunds are offered for intentional disconnects. Your cards will still be checked for a valid bingo at the end of the game even if you are disconnected.
  • CHAT
  • Click to enter and chat with other players. You must be logged into the client in order to chat with other players.

Bingo Plex Options

The Bingo Plex Options allows you to choose a dauber color and shape, and turn the sounds on or off. These options are accessible from the 'Options' button on the menu in the playing window.

  • Dauber
    The dauber is the picture with which cells are marked on the cards. You can use any color or shape. To change the current dauber color click the dauber color that you like, to change the shape click the shape you would like and then click 'OK'.


You can select which sounds you want to hear while playing Bingo Plex.

  • Music
    Found under 'Options' on bingo hall window, this check box turns the music on or off and has a volume level control.  
  • Bingo Caller
    Found under 'Options' on bingo hall window, this check box turns the bingo caller on or off, it has a choice of male or female caller and a volume level control.
  • Slots Sounds
    The slot sounds can be turned on or off separately and is located within the slot window itself. This check box, when selected, turns on the sounds, produced by the slot machine (you can hear the spinning of the reels, etc.); it turns them off, when clear.
  • Mute
    Found under 'Options' on bingo hall window. If this check box is selected all bingo game and music sounds will be muted.
  • Chat Sounds
    Found within the chat window, select this check box and you will be alerted of incoming messages not only visually, but audibly too.

  • Please note you can listen to the sounds only if your computer is provided with the necessary equipment (a sound card and headphones or loudspeakers). The sounds can be selected through check boxes.

Bingo Plex Slots

Bingo Plex Slots
The slot machine occupies the bottom left half of the window. Bingo Plex 3-reel, 4-reel, 5-reel and 7-reel slots all open in this space. The remaining 10 slots as well as the Instant and Casino side games available open in a new window. The slot reels are set in an initial position. One payline, one coin per line are selected by default. Since the game is played on the Internet there can be some delay in setting up the initial screen.

Bet Per Line

Bet Per Line

This button allows you to change the number of coins you bet per line. You can place 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 coins per line. The number of coins is shown in a circle displayed at the butt of the arrow. The number you choose is valid for all lines you play. The more coins you play, the higher the payout will be.

Select Line

This button allows you to select additional lines. You can play a maximum of seven lines. Each line is with a different color. You can select lines only in the order set by the game. You can choose among three straight and four criss-cross lines. Only the central line is selected initially. When you click once, you add the line that is over the central one. When you click twice, you add the line that is under it. The third click displays one of the criss-cross lines, and the fourth click adds the second line, which is again criss-cross, etc.

Max Bet

If you push this button, you will play seven lines with maximum coins each, which is the maximum you can bet. The reels start spinning automatically (there is no need to push the SPIN button). By clicking the 'Max Bet' you do two things simultaneously: you choose your bet and spin the reels.


This button starts the spinning of the slot machine’s reels. Press it AFTER you have chosen your lines and placed your bets. The more lines you play, the more chances you have to win. Use this button provided you have not pressed the 'Max Bet' button before that.

Coin value

Coin value

The value of the coins with which you are playing is shown in the box next to the reels.

Bet field

This indicates the total amount of your bet, that is, the number of coins you have placed. Your bet does not change throughout all games unless you change it.

Paid field

The total amount of the paid coins from all winning lines is shown here.


Shows the current amount of your credits. Credits are the same for bingo and slot game. They are updated after every spin. The cash value of your bet is subtracted from your credits and the cash value of your winnings is added to your credits. The cash value is calculated the following way: the number of the coins you have won is multiplied by the value of the coins.

Pay Table

This shows the payout rate for every winning combination of symbols. The combinations are arranged in descending order from the highest paying to the lowest paying.



The jackpot winning combination might be different for the different games. You hit the jackpot if you have the combination indicated in the pay table. The jackpot is progressive and one and the same for all players. It can be won by only one person in a game. When the jackpot is hit, a minimum new jackpot is established and the progressive process starts from the beginning.

How To Play Slots

How To Play Slots When the reels start spinning, the selected lines disappear. After the reels stop spinning you can see the results. If the lines that you selected have a winning combination of symbols, each symbol of the line will be bordered by a blinking square. An indicator appears beside the winning line, showing the amount of the coins paid for that line. If you play more than one line, you can have more than one winning line. If this is the case, the winning lines are shown one after the other.

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200% First Deposit Bonus

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Deposit Bonuses
If your first deposit at Bingo Plex is £10 or over, we give you 350% of your deposit as extra playing money!!

All other deposits receive:

75% Reload Bonus

Remember, there's a minimum deposit
of £10 to receive any bonus!!
For Terms and Conditions click here.

Referral Bonuses
Invite all your friends to play with you at Bingo Plex, when they make a deposit of at least £20 you get 50% of that deposit!

Please ensure they add your nickname in the referral box when signing up.

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